Christian Family Care Center

Is for families to exercise, practice yoga, learn computer career skills, enjoy planting, explore astronomy, learn robotics, have fun painting, find support through social workers, and also play sports! Whew! That's a fun list! Don't you think?


We believe by offering this center to the community, families will have a safe place to enjoy each other's company and become active! Instead of sitting on the couch watching TV and eating junk food we teach families to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our "Christian Family Care Center" will make sure homework is done before the fun activities are started after school and work. Families and Couples will have the opportunity to work on weight loss goals with tailored meal plans and exercise routines on a weekly basis and the kids will have their fun zones to complete activities in.

Fun Zones include:

  • Family and Health : Diet, exercise and Cardio.

  • Family and Science : Computer classes, Science, Astronomy, and Robotics.

  • Family and Environment: Plants, Flowers, and Planting

  • Fine Arts for children: Dance and painting

  • Family Sports: Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball (coming soon)

It truly is a win-win for everyone!



Maternity Program Loving Family Steps

How does it work?

This Program initiated with the loving desire to be a Social Work support group for expecting mothers, couples that are trying to conceive, single mothers, and high-risk pregnancies. Our Program helps expectant mothers prepare for a baby to come into the world by addressing fears, questions, and concerns, making sure the expectant mother is going to her prenatal appointments, calming couples fears down, educating them through parenting classes, giving them baby essential lists, and advising them how to prepare the household for the baby through safety precautions.

This program also includes the father in the preparation process and teaches him how to cope with the expectant mother’s struggles as each trimester brings its own issues. We do weekly home visits to give the couple one-on-one sessions with qualified social workers or qualified lead program organizers.

As experts in the maternity processes, we wipe away fears for first-time parents and share with them many resources that raise their self-confidence in the 40-week process to birthing day. Our program helps voluntary couples, evidence-based home visiting services for at-risk pregnant women and parents with young children up to kindergarten entry.

You can sign up by signing the consent form to begin voluntary participation in the Loving Steps Program. We then set you up with an introductory session where we learn about the couple, single mother, or expectant mother and make sure we can be that support throughout the entire pregnancy up to kindergarten.

The social working is uncomplicated, completely open, honest, non-judgemental and supportive.  We take an outcome-focused approach, agreeing the “road map” – where you’re heading, the areas you want to cover, and what you want to get out of the process. 

Whilst expectant parents will bring to the table the challenges and themes they would like to address, the topics the social workers could typically include are:

Practical challenges:

  • ·         Creating the daily routine that works for everyone in your family 
  • ·         Being prepared financially for an addition to the family or living on one income if a woman decides not to work outside the home. 
  • ·         Planning a career progression that allows for a fulfilling family life
  • ·         Time and energy management
  • ·         Identifying the ideal childcare solution
  • ·         Buying necessary maternity clothing for pregnancy
  • ·         Pregnancy symptoms management
  • ·         Maintaining comfort levels during stressful pregnancy

Emotional challenges:

·         Calming your initial fears in response to a positive pregnancy test

·         Building your self-confidence back up

·         Overwhelming dilemmas & guilt and how to manage them

·          How to build a “support” team at home and at work

    • Letting go of negative influences or friendships that hinder your new family and surrounding yourself with positive people
  • Believing in yourself through positive thoughts toward a rewarding bond with your baby.

How do we start?

Our Program leader meets with each case to determine if it is a low-risk or high-risk pregnancy. In this session, we weigh out many circumstances to find out if the baby is in need of extra community resources. We then proceed to do home visits and supervise the progress the mother makes emotionally and mentally during pregnancy. This keeps negligence risks at an all-time low and helps the mother both emotionally and keeps her safe. We also educate expectant parents on a week to week baby development and proper eating tips during pregnancy. Fathers learn how to be good birth coaches for the labor day and we also give them a chance to financially prepare for the baby until its adult stage. Parents must learn how much it costs to raise a child in today’s society and with proper preparedness, the family can be set up for success.
What else do we teach or talk about at sessions?
We also talk about topics including Preparing for breastfeeding success, learning how to change a newborn’s diaper, belly button care, bathing and hygiene, proper infant dressing, safe baby sleeping in a crib, proper feeding, and in high-risk cases proper tube feeding care. 

We then move into 0 to 1 year home visits where the social worker visits to see how mom is doing after getting home from the hospital, taking proper care of herself and making sure she has friend and family help with the household and other children during her initial recovery.  

When the baby turns 1 we help do a home safety check to make sure the household is still safe for the baby and continue to keep safety a priority. 

We also check to see how the baby is developing my asking mom if the baby can laugh, cry, and crawl like other children his or her age. 

When the baby turns 18 months we continue to check on the child’s development, social, and motor skills and address any issues or continue to monitor the case as healthy.

When the baby turns 2 years old we do another child development test and safety check to make sure everything continues to be healthy with the baby and safe with the household.

Always visiting on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to check on the mother, father, and child’s social, emotional, and safety concerns. This process continues on until either the parents voluntarily leave the program or the child reaches kindergarten and when a family issue arises we either have the social worker be a support or give the family a resource from the community to call like for example if they need a car seat or baby formula needs, etc.

Weekly sessions start at $50.00 and it can include up to three home visits a week, one home visit a week, or a bi-weekly home visit depending on what the family’s needs are.

In conclusion, our goal is to improve the lives of new families during pregnancy and the early baby to toddler years. Families will have us as a support group when they have no one else to turn to in this live-changing challenging time.

Ana Lucia Barrios

Head of  Christian Social Worker Dept

Maternity Program “Loving Family Steps”

Lions Life Coaching University

Door to Heaven Ministry

4100 Evans Ave Suite 16

Fort Myers, FL 33901