The group points out that
Of this rebellion there was a remnant
Which was faithful to God. In such remnant
Was Luzbel (Lucifer) .17 However,
The spirits of beings who
Previously they had rebelled,
They filled the heart of
Luzbel to do what she did and
Become Satan, and cease to be
A useful creature of God; what
Would show that evil was already
Present in the age before Luzbel. “18
Satan’s rebellion and a third
Part of the angels happened in one of
The seven heavens, 19 so that God
Expelled from the skies these beings
(Satan and the fallen angels), and these are
They took refuge in the land.
As noted earlier, the
Bible gives no indication that
There had been rebellion before Lucifer,
Nor that Lucifer belonged to
Some “remnant”. Despite this
Insist that the fall of Lucifer

Demonstrates that “evil was
I presented. . .before Luzbel. “This class
Reasoning is wrong because
Could the question arise who
Introduced to the evil to these assumptions
Fallen angels before Luzbel?
Moreover, Ezekiel 28 tells us that this
“King” was perfect on his roads until
That wickedness was found in him (v. 15). What
Was this iniquity? We read in the verse
17; ‘Your heart was exalted because of
Your beauty, you corrupted your wisdom
Because of thy splendor. ” . . [Thus]
The sin that corrupted Lucifer was
Self-generated pride “, 21 not others
Angels who fell first.


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