ROMANS 1: 1-3
The gospel is part of God’s eternal plan, so from the beginning it was
Announced as a means of salvation for man.
(Gospel = Good News = Jesus Christ).
A) The Gospel Announced in the Beginning
In Gn. 3:15 we see the first proclamation of the gospel, when God after the fall of
Man promises a Savior Gn. 3:15, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world Jn.
B) The Gospel Announced by the Prophets:
From the Old Testament, the prophets as in Is 53, announced the good news of
Salvation bearing the testimony of the Spirit of Christ that was in them Ro. 1: 3 and 1ª. Pedro
A.- The Gospel for a Nation:
In the old covenant the gospel or the good news was only for Israel Mt 10: 5-6, because the bread
It was only for the children of Israel Mt 15:26. In other words, it was limited to the borders of Israel,
Only those of Israel were the children, the outsiders were Gentile (pagan).
It is for this reason that the Lord comes to Israel, but not being received by His own is directed to the
World where he goes in search of other sheep Jn. 10:16.
B.- The Gospel For The World:
After the Lord dies and resurrects, he orders the gospel to be published throughout the world.
World Matthew 28: 18-20; Hch. 1: 8, ceasing to be the gospel only for one nation.
This is how the Lord extends the boundaries of the gospel to the whole world, thus reaching
All who believe and are baptized to form the Gentile Jewish Church Eph. 2: 12-14.
C.- The Universal Gospel: Ephesians 3: 10-11
The Church is being prepared by God now, until she reaches the stature of the perfect man and
The fullness of Christ, and then to proclaim the gospel in the heavenly places. Eph. 3:10, throughout the
Universe to other creations. Although we now have a limit to announce it, because it is only
For the world Col.1: 23, the day will come (the future age) when we will bring the gospel to all
Universe, will be there when there will be no frontier for the gospel.


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