The First Flood
God created the universe with different worlds
(Job 9: 9), 12 including the planet Earth.
These worlds, like Earth,
Were first inhabited by
Beings, whom they call “children of God.”
These beings had spirit and material body.13
These species do not necessarily
Were created the way or
Human form, although they were beings
Some of these beings
Rebelled and proclaimed themselves with power ”
Against God.15 God then
Destroyed their material bodies with a
“Water judgment,” their spirits returned
To God, because the spirits do not die
And are found in the world
Neither the passage of Job 9: 9 nor
Another passage of the Bible, teaches that others
Worlds were created apart from
planet Earth.
If these people imply that
These beings who inhabited the different
Worlds, which they call “children of
God, “are angels, we must remember
That angels are spirits (Hebrews 1:14)
And were not created with physical bodies
Or materials. Although the angels
Can appear to humans with
Physical bodies to be seen
(Gen. 18: 1-8, Mat 1:20, Lk 1:26;
20:12), does not mean that they have bodies
materials. The Bible gives no examples
Previous sins in the universe before
Of the fall of Lucifer (Ezekiel 28: 11-19), and
Much less a previous flood of water
To the flood that occurred in the
Noah (Genesis 7).

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