Colossians 1:16


Creature is everything made by God and the function of raising, the Father delegated it to Jesus Christ; And this function is the
Process that will give real presence to all the things whose existence, although latent, had not been
Manifested; Christ is the visible image of the invisible God, the beginning of all creation (Col. 1:15). He is not created
(Col. 2: 9), in Him is the essence of God.
A) The universe and the worlds
First of all there was nothing, there was no energy floating but only God; He is the energy itself, the initial energy of
All creation but He never started. He is always and has no beginning or end. When did God begin to create? do not
It is possible to know it, but of his energy gave energy to his Son to raise (form) and He of the invisible created the visible.
With only the word appeared the worlds (Heb.11: 3) in a universe also created and sustained by
Christ. Then the Father’s initial energy is the creative energy and the energy of the Son is the creative energy, the
Which shapes and sustains creation.


B) The created beings
1. Celestials: It seems that they had a spiritual body, ie a room of their own and could not get into another.
These beings were created by Christ and within them we see the lords, the saints, the vigilantes, the
Cherubim, the Archangels, the Seraphim and the Angels, and another set of strains or angelic ranks created
In the heavens (Job 38: 7) (Dan 4:17) covering specific areas. Of these, some rebelled and fell
(Jude 6); God did not create degraded or evil beings, the fallen beings wanted to rebel against God and
They began to pervert all the creations where they could arrive. Luzbel was raised beautiful, it was beautiful light but it was
Rebelled against Christ and became Satan, hiring the third part of the angels who fell together with
he. From this being it is said that evil was found in his heart (Ezekiel 28:15), then it means that there was another being
Fallen before him that made him fall into rebellion.
2. Earthly: On earth God created humans, but before forming them body. God had created the first
Spirits in a spiritual pre-existence. It makes the visible man with something invisible within Him and puts it in the
Garden to care for him and to labor, he gives dominion over all that is bred on the earth, as a delegated governor
Oh my God. The order to take care of the garden was due to the presence, at that time, of fallen beings who were
Wanting to subjugate the creation made for man and to dominate the same man, whom they caused to fall.
When man was in a fallen condition, they were sent to earth by those beings in rebellion, other beings
With a deceitful image and that they resembled the man, with the plan to mix with the daughters of men,
Choosing within them the most striking, falling in love and marrying them and procreating children or
Hybrid descendants who lived on earth (Genesis 6: 1-4) as the Giants or Nephilim (Num 13:33) and others
Which altered their genes, giving rise to the Hethites, Jebusites, Philistines, etc., who inhabited Canaan and who
Were enemies of Israel.

3. Faithful and Unfaithful Beings: As we saw earlier, some heavenly-angelic beings fell into rebellion and infidelity
Against God, degraded beings who have their place of reserved punishment (Jude 6) (Proverbs 21:16) (Job 26: 5); the
Wormwoods, Abadons and Leviathan, are angelic beings that possibly did not have these names when they were
Servants, and fell not guarding their own abode. But as we see the infidelity of these beings,
Also we see that many others remained faithful to God and although they were tempted by those rebels,
Let themselves be seduced or hired, but continually praise and worship the God of glory (Rev. 4: 9-11)
(Revelation 5: 11-12).
Likewise, on earth there were those who fell in infidelity, following the path of those who first fell
(Jude 11). But there is also the faithful remnant preserved by God with Set, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David,
Keeping the holy seed.
Christ is the Lord of all universes: worlds and beings that He has created; But because of the rebellion we see that
They are not yet subject to everything, although they will be subject to it in the future. (1 Corinthians 15: 27-28). Jesus Christ,
Shows his love, sacrificing himself to break the enmity between creation and God, which is because of the
Disobedience (Col. 1:20) so that subjection may be in love; But those creations that do not accept this plan,
They will have to be destroyed forever (1 Corinthians 15:25) (l 45: 23-24).
A) The subjection of the Church (Col. 1:18)
To submit is to recognize authority and obey it. Christ is the head of the Church and this is recognized in the
Love relationship that lives with Him; Because Christ gave himself for love of love, gave his life for the Church and so because he loves her
Church is subject to Christ. We were creatures in a fallen condition, but through the Lord Jesus Christ,
Now we are new creatures (2 Corinthians 5:17) giving us the power to become children of God (John 1:12), and to
Speak of authority, also refers to authority since by subjection to Him, we are delegated authority (Luke 10:19).
Here we could point out that there is a struggle or battle between creatures, the new creatures in Christ against the
Creatures that are in rebellion; That is why the Apostle Paul indicates it (Ephesians 6:12) showing us more than
Winners through Christ (2 Corinthians 10: 4) (2 Corinthians 6: 7) (Eph.6: 13-18).

B) The subjection of the rest of creation (Phil 2: 1 0-11) (Isa 1: 2)
The Lord sets the whole creation to witness, both of his many favors for his children and of ingratitude
from them. The love of God has not been received by the rebellious creatures, nor have they subjected themselves to Him by recognizing Him
As the only true God, then the time to put in order this part of creation in disobedience,
Has come (Is.13: 2-5). First there is a battle in the heavens (Revelation 12: 7-9). The archangel Michael and his angels,
To Satan and his hosts to the earth; Wherefore there is joy in heaven, but anguish in the earth (Rev. 12:12). He
Abyss will open and many diabolical beings will come out of it to invade the earth (Rev. 9: 2-5) and will torment the
That they live on the earth and that they do not have the seal of God. God’s purpose is to gather all the hosts of
Evil on earth, with Satan and his incarnation (the Antichrist) at the head, to be defeated, for in that
Time will be that Hell being, the devil’s begetting who will try for the last time to establish an empire of evil in the
Earth, killing all that is of God The battle against these beings will be unprecedented, because it will be a battle
And in this battle will take part the heavenly hosts, the Glorious Church dressed in Fine Linen, behind the
Lord Jesus Christ (Rev. 19: 11-16) This celestial army is made up of humans transformed in the likeness
Of Christ, whom He has previously chosen to be of the faithful consecrated to God on earth, that is, the
Firstfruits (Revelation 14: 4). These will fight in the power of the resurrection, to rescue the others of the people of God
Who have stayed and are suffering tribulation on earth.
God overcomes through Christ all the powers and principalities of darkness, then the battle will end
(Revelation 19: 20-21). Then in the millennium there is another battle and there all the enemies will be overcome, then everything will
Will be subject (Revelation 20: 10,14).


• Creatura: created from nothing.
• Creature: formed of what was not visible but which already existed.
• God the Father is the Prime Creator Energy “I am” “Elyon”
• God the Son is the Corporative and Creative Energy, which gives form.
• Christ is Lord and Creator of all Creation, therefore He is worthy of all glory and honor.
Everything was given to him in Heredad and all the creatures are subject to him. And He shall reign over all creation, forever and ever.

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