Ephesians 3:21


Speaking of the ages refers to creative cycles of God, closed cycles or periods of time determined in
Whom God has created; That is why we hear of the Old World, the Present Century, and the Century to Come.
God has always been active, He has always created and will continue to create: He is the Eternal Creator.
Creation is eternal expanding energy with empty areas in which God continues to create, giving it a share
In it his Son Jesus Christ; That is why Ephesians 4:10 tells us that Christ ascended higher than the heavens to fill him
all; And in John 5: 17, we see that both work, the Father creating and the Son creating.
• Father: Believe: Give energy.
• The Son: Breeding: It gives the form or still being invisible.
• The Holy Spirit is the one who sustains or maintains and develops.
The creations of God were always clean. He has made himself known to his word,
Communicating their will and their ordinances. In addition to this, God has given them the free will by granting
His creations the power of decision. This is why many creatures have fallen in rebellion
Against God, decreed against them by reason of disobedience. God could not have ruled
Judgment without first having taught his Law and without there being any transgression to that Law.
We have already seen that they are creative cycles of God and the worlds are systems that God has created, which of no
Way refers to worlds of purification for man in different bodies or reincarnations as the
Esoteric heretics but to stages that God has been dealing with through the ages but not in bodies
Different. We will give reason for one body only. When you pass from one cycle to another the convicts of a cycle
They no longer have hope of going to another cycle to be purified, because the opportunity is in the visitation of the creative cycle
corresponding. Changes in age or changes in cycle always lead to judgment, whether water or fire; HE
Have happened 3 of water and 1 of fire.
Before we talk about these created worlds or ages, let’s look at an illustration to get better.

  1. Pre-Human-Eternal KingdomSons of God (Job 38: 7)Water Judgment Water
  2. World Last Eternity
  3. World of LuzbelRecruitmentAngels-Law in Consciousness
  4. World of Adam
  5. World of Noé: Accuser -Year to come
    Judgment Water Judgment
    Jesus Forgive-Written and -Eternal Life Reconciliation
    Third part of the -Degeneration-Law of Moses SalvationCREATION

God created the universe, created worlds (Job 9: 9) and put in them his creatures to which he gave them a hierarchy
Heavenly, they rejoiced when God created the earth (Job 38: 7). The children of God who were
Disseminated throughout the universe, had functions in the creation and government of specific regions, that is why God
is called:

God of gods – Elohim, created beings to create (Psalm 82: 1)
Lord of lords Government of
King of kings Specific regions

This world came out of the water, there was an aquatic trial (Deluge) that punished the species that preceded it from the
Many details are not yet known. This world came out of a Flood to begin creation for Luzbel.
(Ezekiel 28: 13-15) Luzbel – Luz Bella, was a creation of arcangel type and was a Son of God, this being
Angelic were given many titles among them Cherub Protector of Two Unions: had a cover that
It could well have been that of the Christ Theophanic. But before Luzbel there must have been another creation of the Cherubim type
Who rebelled; And this was the one that filled the heart of Luzbel with iniquity to do what he did and become
In Satan and cease to be a useful creature of God; Which would show that evil was already present in the age
Before Luzbel. Satan began to hire the angels to rebel and God allowed him to hire him.
Contractible, the third part of the angels.
This rebellion was from heaven to heaven (Isaiah 14:13) and the Lord decreed his punishment (Jude 6) for those
Who disobeyed; And Luzbel by becoming Satan was cast out of heaven with all his titles and was decreed
For your world a water judgment.
It is called Human World, because in previous worlds the species created were not necessarily to the
Way or human form but intelligent beings. This world of Adam was taken out of a world covered with
Water and mud to be restructured. The Human World was not created but raised, the Lord Jesus Christ was told
To create (give shape) the world that would be his inheritance; For from here he leaves to fill everything, as for
Stages in expansion and everything will be of Him (Col. 1:16).

Let us see the World of Adam, within the Old World:
A) Man is placed in Eden to reclaim the earth and structure a new civilization in Eden.
B) The man had to take care of the world previous to his, since as it was a bridge between both
Worlds; Since in this world a devilish envoy is insinuated to seduce the man. God allows it,
For man has the free will and ability to hear that tempter or to obey God.
C) As a consequence of the disobedience of man, this world which should have been victorious: it was
Besieged by the previous creation and made him fall into degeneracy, having to be put in the judgment of God for the

This world also came out of the water to continue a new creative cycle of God, always within the world
old. To Noah his faith in God caused him to escape from the flood with his own, condemning the other men who
They did not believe (Heb 11: 7) (1 Peter 3:20). This cycle goes, going through the Law of Moses which condemned sin
In writing (in the world of Adam the law was only in consciousness); Until the consummation of another judgment, which
Was on the cross of Calvary: where the ancient world ended.
This world is present in Christ, here the Lord saves all who believe in Him, because He is the Lamb of God.
God who takes away the sin of the world, only in Him is there opportunity for salvation in this cycle, Judgment on the Cross
Must have been a trial of fire (the first, since there will be a second for those who did not believe and a third on
The Lake of Fire): Christ Jesus replaced the one who believes in Him so that all the fire of the wrath of
God. Christ is the Grace of God (Romans 3: 23-25) and He set Himself so that we who are under Him may escape,
And this only by faith in Christ Jesus: faith that has been given to us as a gift or gift from God The Faith that has been given to us
Given free of charge for salvation, must activate the one that we surrender the soul to the Holy Spirit to
We elevate, for our spirit is already one with Christ (1 Corinthians 6:17); But as we surrender the soul
(Render it) for the Holy Spirit to govern it, so we will be assigned the turn of escape.
The Lord Jesus Christ on the cross does a threefold work:
A) – Take the spirit of man, become one with him.
B) – Deal with the soul and escape those who in due time surrendered to Him.
C) Treat with the body in those who did not surrender their soul in time, escaping them in the tribulation.
– Escape from the Tribulation (1 Thessalonians 4:17). He surrendered his soul.
– Escaped in the tribulation (Rev. 7: 9-14). He did not surrender his soul.
– The conqueror in the spirit, by the surrender of his soul is snatched before the tribulation.
– He who does not overcome by not surrendering his soul, is passed to the tribulation for corrective judgment.
This refers to those who have believed only, since those who do not believe, are rejected and condemned to the Judgment
Of Fire (1 Peter 4:18). Tribulation is another age or cycle and is outside the cycle of grace.
When the soul is purified, it is snatched upward and the body is transformed (1 Corinthians 15:51).
Within this also enters the turn of Resurrection:

– First the heavenly ones (1 Thessalonians 4:16).
– Then the tribulation (Revelation 20: 4).

This present world is where Jesus came to show a kingdom without a crown, for he came as a servant, did not come
As King; But He will come again and take the throne and reign eternally, for He is the King; And those who have
Believed and received him praise, worship and serve as the King, although others have rejected it.
David’s life is an exact figure:
– First as a servant – Anointed but without a crown
– King for yours
– God already saw him as King
– Then as King – Take the throne
– Visible king with crown
– Deliver the Kingdom – Solomon come the wounds of the enemies with sword
– King of Peace – Eternity


The degraded human features are now a reflection of what happened before. This condition of the
Man can only be erased by Christ Jesus, to give man the opportunity in his cycle, to escape to the
Judgment of God and be saved.

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