Letter to All Churches

Dear Church members:
It is with a happy heart that I send my greetings as the Minister of Door to Heaven Ministry of Fort Myers, Florida. This letter is written to help any others that may be in a time of need.
I pray to our Heavenly Father “I come to you humbled, speechless with a heart to give people your word, your wisdom, and for people to know you are our Savior and giver of life. I see a lot of need in the world. Give me the wisdom to help those in need, but to help the ones that need it the most. Please be my guide, provide me the help to help others. Show me what it is that you are putting in my heart and lead the way. Amen"
Every year millions of immigrants come to the United States in search of a better life. There are so many opportunities for work and education that are rare in many parts of the world. Colleges in Central America and other developing countries have become so overly expensive that even the middle class can’t afford it. With your help, we can give them a chance for education.
A lot of American citizens don’t understand why illegal immigrants come to the USA. These Immigrants see their family suffer. Poverty stricken nations are filled with people trying to start a new life in the land of the free. Poverty is the main reason many people go hungry or cannot afford a good education.
Immigration to America cannot solve the world poverty problem. The only real option we have as global citizens is to improve conditions everywhere. Thus, Developing World Brighter Futures was born.
Our program “Developing World Brighter Futures” will help increase higher education in third world countries around the globe. We want to give students around the world the same opportunities that we take for granted every day in the USA. We will provide top class education including a facility, textbooks, online classes, and even transportation if needed. Our goal is to show the world that our Heavenly Father is a better teacher and educator than all of us.
We have seen how Corporations and companies promise to help make the world a better place. Year after year we are disappointed in many of these organizations. Too often our charitable donations go directly into the pockets of a CEO instead of their intended cause.
For more information on how your donation is helping to make a difference in the lives of so many in our program, we invite you to visit our website at https://dthm.org You can also find information there on our upcoming events for this year and volunteer opportunities.
Thank you again, and we look forward to your continued support.